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The Threezero FigZero series includes primarily 1/6 scale action figures of anime, comics, and Tokusatsu characters from Japan and the United States. A highly poseable body with exquisite, multimedia outfit and accessories in detailed paint application are utilized to recreate the vivid look of each individual character. Under an relatively affordable price, FigZero also provides collectable-level quality and a new opportunity for fans of animation and Tokusatsu to upgrade their collections.
Threezero DLX Series
After the DLX series of Transformers: Bumblebee launched, DLX line became the must-have collection among fans around the globe.

The DLX line presents intricate designs in a smaller scale with high-fidelity production value.

With its unique metal frame design, DLX not only provides a high range of articulation, but also greatly enhances the weight and durability.

Together with the detailed paint application of threezero, a remarkable resemblance is achieved in matching the characters as seen in the original media.
Threezero MDLX
MDLX is a new series of articulated figures capturing the spirit of threezero’s renown DLX series at a smaller scale with a similar high range of articulation and great durability resulting in a groundbreaking affordable price.

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